Eric's Trip Sessionography January, 1996 - Xandu Room, Riverview, New Brunswick (Elevator To Hell:Parts 6+7 Session recording sessions)

    • Bates, Ron (keyboards)
    • Gaudet, Mark (drums)
    • Landry, Tara (vocals, bass)
    • White, Rick (vocals, guitar)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Mr. Sun
  • [O] My Realize
  • [O] Sense Removal
  • [O] As Night Descends
  • [O] Olive Eels
  • [O] Robots Marching
  • [O] The Search Of...
  • [O] Another Unclear Answer
  • Audio: 1/2-inch 8-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 16:01 FLAC (Parts 6+7 (1996-98)) (2020)
    •Mr Sun
    •My Realize
    •Sense Removal
    •As Night Descends
    •Olive Eels
    •Robots Marching
    •The Search Of...
    •Another Unclear Answer