Eric's Trip Sessionography Nov. 1995, - Unknown Studio, Moncton, New Brunswick

    • Doiron, Julie (vocals, guitar)
    • Gaudet, Mark (drums)
    • Thompson, Chris (bass)
    • White, Rick (bass)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O]Pillow (red)
  • Audio: 1/4" 8-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 0:04:16 Official 7" LP (Eric's Trip/Moviola) (1996) •Pillow
SBD #2 10.0 0:04:20 Official CD (Long Days Ride 'Til Tomorrow) (1997) •Pillow

This session was for the Eric's Trip/Moviola 7" Split single, in which the band re-recorded the song Pillow. The original version of the song was left unfinished, as no vocals were completed in 1992 during the August recording of the song, tentatively for the Peter EP.