Eric's Trip Sessionography December, 1993 – July, 1994 - Xandu Room, Moncton, New Brunswick (Elevator To Hell demo recording sessions)

    • White, Rick (all instruments)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Her Again
  • [O] My Fog
  • [O] Long Thick Hair
  • [O] Mountain
  • [O] Tara's Song
  • [O] Down My Throat
  • [O] Rituals Of Suzanne
  • [O] Stuck On You
  • [O] Gay Soul
  • [O] Chemically
  • Audio: 1-inch 8-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 0:03:33 Official 2xLP (Parts 1-3 "Extra") (2022)
    •Her Again
    •My Fog
    •Long Thick Hair
    •Tara's Song
    •Down My Throat
    •Rituals Of Suzanne's Sex Life
    •Stuck On You
    •Gay Soul