Eric's Trip Sessionography July, 1992 - Stereo Mountain, Moncton, New Brunswick (Listen EP recording session)

    • Doiron, Julie (vocals, bass)
    • Gaudet, Mark (drums)
    • Thomspon, Chris (guitar, vocals)
    • White, Rick (guitar, vocals)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Listen
  • [O] Need
  • [O] Happens All The Time
  • [O] Smother
  • [O] Haze
  • [O] Wonder
  • [O] Float
  • [O] Evie
  • [O] So Easier Last Time
  • [O] Fell
  • [U] Pillow
  • Audio: 1-inch 16-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 0:25:54 FLAC (Listen EP) (2018)
    •Happens All The Time
    •So Easier Last Time
SBD #2 10.0 2:22 Official 7" LP (Warm Girl EP) (1993)
    •So Easier Last Time
Different mix than SBD#1
SBD #3 10.0 03:14 Official CD (...Not If I Smell You First!) (1994)
Different mix than SBD #1
SBD #4 10.0 3:00 Official LP (Bootleg) (2007)

Sessions held in July, 1992 for what was to be an indie-label release entitled Listen(1). The band would later re-record the drums, and release some of these songs as an extended play titled Peter in February/March, 1993.

The original version of Pillow, was never finished. Only the the guitars, bass and drums were recorded on 4track. The vocals were never added because the drums were recorded badly, so the band didn't finish it and the song was forgotten until Moviola asked Eric's Trip to do the split single with them, Rick remembered the song so they re-recorded it on 1/4" 8track.(2). The liner notes for the 1993 Warm Girl EP on Derivative Records state that So Easier Last Time was recorded in August, 1992 at Mark Gaudet's residence/studio, Rats In The Cellar, but the Listen EP release notes conflict with this.

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