Eric's Trip Sessionography October, 1991 - Le Kacho, Moncton, New Brunswick (Naked In The Marsh recording session)

    • Doiron, Julie (vocals, guitar)
    • Thompson, Chris (drums)
    • White, Rick (guitar, vocals)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Sickness
  • Audio: 1-inch 4-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 0:03:33 Official 10" LP (Naked In the Marsh) •Sickness

Sickness is a song Eric's Trip recorded as a three piece for the N.I.M. 10 inch just before Mark Gaudet joined the band in December 1991.

Per a comment online, Rick White confirmed that the 10" of "Sickness" recorded at this session plays slower than it should, due to the master tape being pitched wrong.