Eric's Trip Sessionography December, 1990 - LeBlanc Residence, Moncton, New Brunswick

    • Ken LeBlanc (bass)
    • Chris Thompson (drums, background vocals)
    • Rick White (guitar, vocals)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Broken
  • [O] Must Be Some Way
  • [O] I'm A Tree
  • [O] Screaming
  • [O] Turn The Radio Off
  • [O] Can't Stop It
  • [O] I Can't Understand That
  • Audio: 1-inch 4-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
SBD #1 10.0 0:03:33 Official DAT(M)>FLAC (The Forest (1989-90)) (2022)
    • Broken
    • Must Be Some Way
    • I'm A Tree
    • Screaming
    • Turn The Radio Off
    • Can't Stop It
    • I Can't Understand That

Per the online liner notes that Rick wrote, this session was a one-off session, after Eric's Trip had been a band for 6 months. Rick wrote the following: By summer 1989, i was 18 years old and the hardcore band I was playing bass in "The Underdogs" had broken up. The surfy punk band "Clarence" that Chris Thompson played drums in was also falling apart. Chris and I had gotten closer through skateboarding and similar music loves. Ken LeBlanc was the singer in "Clarence" and a like-minded close friend of both of ours, we decided we wanted to make a new band together. A three piece loud guitar band in the style of those first two Dinosaur albums we'd been digging so much. I had played guitar before but it was my first time singing in a band. We rehearsed a bunch that autumn, wrote some tunes and were sounding pretty good. We did an 8 song mostly live to cassette recording session in November 89, and in March 1990 we recorded 5 more songs to a friends 4track. We later compiled a demo tape from these 2 sessions that we never really made available besides to some friends. We played a few parties and recorded one more song in June 1990, but by the end of the summer we were pretty done. Ken went off to university and Chris and I formed a new band called "Eric's Trip". The first 7 recordings in this Bandcamp collection come from another session that i forgot all about. One afternoon in December 1990 while Ken was home visiting from university, we were jamming together for fun and decided to record some of our tunes live to 4track. I think the vocals were done right after on the same day with Chris singing some back up into the same mic, and even a bit of acoustic guitar played along on "Can't stop it". Nothing more was ever done with the recording though as we were broken up and Eric's Trip was my main focus now. So the unmixed tape was just put in a box. THE ACTUAL UNMIXED 4TRACK TAPE that i just recently re-discovered while digging at my folks house to my happy surprise and shock! Ha.