Eric's Trip Sessionography March, 1990 - Rick Whites' Residence, Moncton, New Brunswick (4'O'Clock In the Morning sessions)

    • White, Rick (vocals, guitar)
  • White, Rick (producer, engineer)
  • [O] Hate
  • [O] I'll Be Over
  • [O] Sunrise
  • [O] A Single Light
  • [O] Blind
  • [O] Where Was I
  • [O] Heavy Load Of Greed
  • [O] Presense
  • [O] Realize The Bad
  • [O] Inside My Head
  • [O] Can't Find My Love
  • Audio: 1-inch 4-track analog magnetic tape (session tape)
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SBD #1 10.0 0:21:41 Official DAT(M)>FLAC (Myself - 4 O'Clock In The Morning Sessions) (2022)
    •I'll Be Over
    •A Single Light
    •Where Was I
    •Heavy Load Of Greed
    •Realize The Bad
    •Inside My Head
    •Can't Find My Love

In the release notes for "4 O'Clock In The Morning", Rick stated the following: "In March 1990 i was starting to write a lot more songs. I was 19 years old, done with high school, playing casually with my band THE FOREST, and still living at home.

I had this JVC "ghetto blaster" that had a mixing mic input which let you sing along with a tape. I would stay up all night sitting cross legged on my bed quietly recording little songs. I learned to play the tape back and overdub stuff through the mixing mic, recording the mix into a 2nd cassette deck. It started to get a neat thick sound after doing this over 5 or 6 times. This was my first real experiments with layering overdubs and i was digging it. I liked the hissiness of it all too at the time, and started adding radio tuner static and tv white noise playing in the background while recording, giving it all a distant mysterious sound.

I collected these 11 songs together, drew a little photocopied cover, and made this tape to give to a few friends. It was never sold anywhere so i doubt anyone really remembers this stuff exists besides me. I came across the master tape recently and enjoyed hearing it again. Its like finding an old diary from a much younger me and i thought maybe some of you would be interested in hearing it too