Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE June 16, 1996 - McNaughton Science & Technology Ctr., Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Mike Campbell
Mark Gaudet
Rick White
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MuchEast Yes

Mike Campbell: So this is like the end of the road?

Rick: It always happens a bit slower or sooner than you expect, I guess. But I guess we've been expecting it. We just... It had to come to a little dramatic ending. This is nice though, we get to play a nice show, with all our friends.

Mike: Oh, it's great!

Mike: Have you got anything special planned for the evening or just the usual essence?

Rick: Yeah, Sloan was a nice bonus.

Mark: Yeah...

Rick: We just asked them to come up and they did.

Mike: Did you expect this many people at this show? It's a lot of people...

Mark: No, yeah! When Ken came up to me - Ken from the Monoxides - to put on this thing, when he said MacNaughton, I just didn't think - we have never really gotten that big of a crowd in Moncton. This is our biggest crowd, so I guess if this is their last chance to see us, and they're taking their chances at heart.

Rick: I think that the Monoxides did about 400 once at the Shipyard.

Mark: Yeah...

Rick: That was our biggest here, before that.

Rick: We're still playing together, and Chris is still playing, and Julie's still playing. I don't know...

Mark: We could call a bluff too, and maybe, like. make it out that we're still together, because there's still more records to come out. Two more I can think of.

Rick: But then again, the songs just always keep getting wrote, no matter who plays them - whether Eric's Trip recorded the new stuff, or Elevator To Hell did...

Mark: Yeah, or...

Rick: I don't know, it's been slow for us, but it seems kinda sudden for everyone else - they're more shocked by it all, but I don't know... it's a strange night.

Mark: In some ways, I just want to get this night over with. But, I'll have these memories for a long time, because it is kind of a special way to start a new thing and say goodbye to an old. But remember, there's other Eric's Trip stuff to come out, so....

Mike: Okay...

Rick: We're releasing some stuff we did on our last shows in New York actually, on a rarities CD we're putting out for our final thing, just from our first cassette in 1990, with a song off all that stuff, and all outtakes from Peter and a couple from Forever Again - stuff that never came out. We wanted to finally put it out and put some live songs on the end.

Mike: Yeah? You know when that's gonna happen?

Rick: As soon as possible. We're sending it to Sub Pop right now to see if they want to do it, and if they don't they're going to let us do it on Sappy or... It'll come out, probably near the fall anyway.

Mark: Glimpses from the whole trip, right from nineteen-ninety to ninty-six. A six-year journey.

Mark: You've been so good to us Mike Campbell and MuchEast.We thank you so much, and we're gonna send you the "Girlfriend" video, too.

Rick: Yeah. Didn't come yet or something...

Mark: Still the one you haven't seen, and you guys are the only ones that will play it, so we appreciate that..

Rick: ...And a Elevator To Hell video in the fall.

Mark: Yeah! Stay tuned, for the Elevator. And Broken Girl, and Moonsocket.

Mike: Good luck you guys.

Rick: Thanks a lot.

Mike: I don't know what you say.

Rick: I'll pass it over to Ken.

Mike: Better check the stage though!

Rick: Yeah, we better go.

© Mike Campbell, 1996