Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE June, 1996 - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Mike Cooper
Rick White
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Canadian band Eric's Trip is breaking up, after a farewell show in the band's hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick. Guitarist Rick White says he decided to split the band up after six years during a long drive back from a New York City show last month.

"It was May 11, and it was a real foggy morning, and you couldn't see anything," he says. "It was all very surreal. And that's when I made the decision. There's a song on the Love Tara album called "May 11" that talks about a foggy morning. I always loved that song, but never knew what it was about. Now we know." White jokes that the band is breaking up "just when we are starting to make some money."

The band had a successful Canadian tour last summer with The Tragically Hip. Hip lead singer Gordon Downie is a big fan and mentioned Eric's Trip in a song on the Hip's charttopping album Trouble At The Henhouse.

"He'd always come out and sit on the side of the stage and watch us, all through the tour," White says. "It's funny, though, we were never big fans of The Tragically Hip before that happened."

White says that Eric's Trip, who always insisted their releases be available on vinyl, simply grew apart musically and personally. White, his wife Tara, and drummer Mark Gaudet have formed a new band called Elevator To Hell.

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