Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE February, 1996 - Unknown, Canada

Steve Gow
Chris Thompson
Rick White
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Core Magazine Yes

"To be an Eric's Trip fan is to be understanding and accept, even desire, experimental change. That's what Eric's Trip is all about: experimentation. And according to Thompson, there's definitely more of that to come.

"I bet if we could just record the next few records and not have to tour, it'd be really fun. We'd have a lot of time to work on the music and make it different."

"We just like to put out as much as we can so people can hear as much as they can. We've got so many songs right now, we could put out two more albums.' Then with a brief pause and a sense of conviction in his voice, Thompson satisfyingly adds, "We've got lots of stuff to do before this is over.'"

© Steve Gow, 1996