Eric's Trip Interview Archive Aug 25, 1995 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Carol Nishitoba
D'Arcy R. Flueck
Lisa Chen
Warren Rodericks
Julie Doiron
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In The Meantime...#2 ~Broken Girl~ Yes

Broken Girl is the solo project of Eric's Trip bassist and vocalist, Julie Claytor. For 3 nights in August, she opened for the Rheostatics at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. I, along with D'Arcy, Lisa, and Warren, was able to talk to her on the second night of this mini-tour, which was exactly 8 months and a day after Julie's darling little baby Benjamin was born [ed.'s note: I haven't seen Benjamin, but I'm positive that he's a darling little baby.] When I spoke to Julie, Benjamin was learning how to crawl without dragging himself across the carpet by pulling himself across. By the time you read this, he probably has learned how to walk...

Carol: How was touring with Another Roadside Attraction?

Julie:Um, it was actually fun. We enjoyed it. It was something that we'll never ever get to do again, anything like that. But, it was nice. It was all catered. (laughter) The food was really great! Like, they had vegetarian -- they had everything that was like... It was the first tour that I didn't lose weight on! (laughs) Usually I come back 5 lbs lighter. It was really, um, good! (laughs) And the bands were all really nice. I didn't get to know Blues Traveller or the Ziggy Marley band because, Ziggy Marley, they were never there, like they would always arrive right when it's time to go on stage and they all had their families, there were like 2 bus loads. Like, God, there were a lot of people travelling! But everybody else was really nice.

Carol: How was the reception, 'cause you guys were, like second on

Julie: It was the perfect timeslot for us, because anybody who would have wanted to see us would've known that were were on early so they would've gotten there early, and then, by the time, like, if you play too late, people are just too tired and they just want to see the Tragically Hip. But the lineup was really good this year, like Spirit of the West, a lot of people like, so they could get.. like, nobody got booed off. Nobody got like, y'know, "we want the Hip!" except until we got to Newfoundland, 'cause there were only 3 bands for the Newfoundland thing. And for the Newfoundland thing, like, one of the nights we were second, we were right before them, the first night, and it was kinda awkward. But this.. that was good. And I became pretty good friends with the Inbreds. It was fun.

Lisa: How about that comic? (laughter) [The Inbreds' True Adventure comic]

Julie: It was okay, like they didn't know anything about it. Nobody knew anything about it before it came out.

Lisa: Were you offended at all by it?

Julie: No, I wasn't offended. Like, it didn't really do much. There wasn't really much about me in it. Like, Ben... he was a cute baby! (laughter) yeah, it was good.

Carol: So, was playing with the Rheostatics on the tour lead to these dates here?

Julie: Yeah. I mentioned that I wanted to do like a tour at the end of August, and they said that they were doing these shows and that I could play with them. So, yeah.

Carol: Could you describe Broken Girl's music, because I've never been exposed to it, and I'm just kinda getting into Eric's Trip's stuff, so I kinda feel really stupid but...

Julie: I should give you some 7-inches, they're in the club.

Carol: Do you have naything else other than vinyl? (laughter all around)

Julie: Well...

Lisa: Get a turntable!!

Carol: I know!!!

Warren: Get with the 90's, woman! C'mon! (still some laughter...)

Julie: Did you know, I read in a magazine the other day... I shouldn't go on and on... but I read in a magazine the other day that, now when am I going to remember this?... from 1993 to 1995, sales of vinyl have gone up, this is from 1993 to 1995, they've gone up, oh, I don't remember. But there was something like 900,000 units sold.

Carol: Wow!

Julie: More than like... for a while it was going really down but it made a resurgence kinda. Isn't that good?

All: Yeah.

Julie: I don't remember what the numbers were because I have no memory anymore. But I read it while I was on tour, in a music magazine or something like that. It was a fact. Yeah. But I do have a tape coming out in the fall on Sappy, so if you wanna write down the address after you can write to me, and I'll mail you the tape. It'll have 12 songs on it or something.

Carol/ Awesome! Are these individual projects important in the formula of Keeping Eric's Trip together?

Julie: Yeah, I think so. Because everybody - we're pretty prolific and I think it's really nice for them too, because they don't always want to do the kind of stuff that we do in Eric's Trip, so it's important for us to keep doing like, other stuff too. We have pretty varied interests so it's definitely important, I think, in the development of Eric's Trip.

What was the last real craving you've had?

Julie: (pause) Hmm...

D'Arcy: Sleep? (laughter) [see Whiz Kid for details!]

Julie: Well, sleep is one of the, but, um... I don't know! I do get cravings quite often, like for different things. Um..

Carol: ...The latest one?

Julie: I don't know. (pause) Geez! I don't know. Excercise!

Carol: Excercise?

Julie: Yeah I've been in a craving to get, I've been feeling really unener..un-energetic, and I really need to start like, just walking a lot, 'cause we got a car in March. But this summer we've been walking a lot and we're starting a lot more. Like, we used to walk everywhere -- my whole pregnancy I walked everywhere, like right up to... I swam everyday, and I still swim, but the pool's closed for the month of August, but... I work at a pool and stuff but not right now since he's [Benjamin] been born, but I think I'm gonna start in the fall and I'm just gonna teach a few hours a week I think, but... I feel really unfit, and so I've had a real craving for that lately; to feel more healthy.

Carol: Ok, if you could be anyone or anything for a day, who or what would you be, what would you do, and why?

Julie: If I could go a whole day without complaining about something, I would love it! (laughter) Really, like, yeah. And I wouldn't want to be anybody. I'd just like to be able to go a whole day without complaining about anything.

Carol: And what's your schedule after these 3 shows? Solo or as Eric's Trip?

Julie: I go home, and then Eric's Trip starts recording on September 6th, and we're recording for 2 weeks, and then our album's coming out in January. [Jan. 16th, called Purple Blue]

Carol: Wow!

Julie: Yeah! And I don't know what the touring plans are. I know we have a couple tour offers in the fall, but Rick doesn't want to go away, so I don't know. And then there's the Pop Explosion too. Sappy will be at the symposium and then, I don't know. I imagine that we'll be playing... again (laughter) at the Pop Explosion for the third year in a row. (turns to Warren and D'Arcy) Are you going or something?

D'Arcy, Warren: Yup! (envious laughter)

Warren: We're both going.

Julie: Oh, great! Did you guys find out the date? Is it the 10th?

D'Arcy, Warren: It's the 11th to the 15th.

Julie: Ok, that's good.

Carol: I'll like, demand postcards from all of you!

Lisa: No, a ride!! (laughter)

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