Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE April 22, 1995 - Call The Office, London, ON

Leora Kornfeld
Mark Gaudet
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Hi Mark.

How ya doing?

I'm good thanks. Do you remember when we spoke months and months and months ago?

For sure, from my work at Sam?

That's right from your work at Sam, where you have been working since 1980.


Have you ever been employee of the month with the free parking space and everything?

Nope, cool eh?

They don't appreciate you!

Well, I don't know about that but, none of that stuff.


Cool, ninety minutes to the bullet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah now what kind of place?


Oh, that's right, because of Nardwuar, exactly and... Yeah! we won't, but we can't talk about Nardwar because, you know, what would happen, we'd go in a million different directions and nobody would know what we were talking about.

I know, Chaos! Cool eh?

Yeah, but, this place Call The Office, I've always seen this written up in the Ontario papers, what is it? What kind of place?

It used to be called The Promised Land and every time we played here we've always played here. so it used to be called The Promised Land and now its called Call The Office, and this is our second time under this title, but Drew Evans runs it and he's a cool guy so that's why we've always played here.

Yeah. any kind of office motif there? Or not really?

I'm in an office right now...

Oh, your in an office?

The band is down stairs, or the PA I guess.

Well, well how soon until you go on?

Ahh, I gotta go on like right after this, so this is really cool, like you now, like this is total rock and roll.

It's total rock and roll because you don't have to be a drum roadie, right? Like ordinarily wouldn't you be setting things up right now?

Exactly, I guess Nick's going to have to do it, the mighty Nick and Oscar.

This is great. Hey now, Julie from your band had a baby?

Yeah, little Benji.

Little Benji, how long ago?

She had 'em Christmas Eve - oh not Christmas Eve - , but that Christmas Eve morning.

Christmas Eve morning, so almost emaculate.

Yeah, its kinda neat, eh?


So litle Benji, and how is she handling, you know, the motherhood stuff and the band stuff?

He's on tour with us, and everything.

No way!?

But Julie's traveling separate and in a much quieter atmosphere, but it's cool you know, he getting his right food and he's with us and so it's cool.

Does he get a lamenent backstage pass and all that kind of stuff?

No, but gets to be taken care of by the mighty Jon Claytor, who was on the cover of the third Eric's Trip demo Drowning.

Wow! Now, you're also doing side bands, everyone in Eric's Trip has a side band right?

Yeah, Julie is Broken Girl, Chris is Moon Socket Rick is Elevator To Hell and I'm No Explanation.

What about Purple Knight?

Yeah that's an old band that has been going since '74, so its a million years, me and a buddy, its been the same two guys for like almost all those years.

And Purple Knight was like a Deep Purple type of thing, was it?

Yeah. It was based on the song Black Knight except we just changed it to Purple Knight, 'cause Deep Purple, cool eh?

Yeah and what's your band now?

No Explanation, that's been going since '83. It's just crazy, we all got lots of side stuff and you know, yeah its really cool.

And tomorrow night its the end of the the tour at the Opera House in Toronto, the big show...

The big show. [Ed Sullivan impersonation voice]

With the Melvins.

Yeah, that's going to be kinda wild.

That's going to be really wild.

They're even before Green Day in the Seattle scene, so they are pretty pioneeric.

They're from Aberdeen.

Yeah, so its just Washington, then.

Yeah, that's right. I want to tell you that your friend Nardwuar did an interview with the Melvins, with Buzz and Buzz told him to stop reading those trash Cobain books.

Okay, cool.

So you might want to bring that up, but I'm going let you go because pretty soon, pretty soon it's time, isn't it?

Yeah we're going to run right down and jump into it.

Jump right in.

The first song were going to do is "Kiss Me On The Head", from the fourth demo Warmgirl, cool eh?

Okay, so we will be thinking about you, extremely cool Mark. Okay, thanks we will talk to you...

The mighty Leora.

Yes and the mighty Mark.

Okay, take care.

Okay, bye now.


© Leora Kornfeld, 1995