Eric's Trip Interview Archive Feb 21, 1995 - CF Champlain Mall, Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada

Mike Campbell
Mark Gaudet
Rick White
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Mike: So what do you think about this JUNO nomination?

Mark: Well, that was even more shocking. I thought to myself, "Does that mean that we suck now?", but I'm not trying to disclaim the JUNOs or nothing like that, but it's just all my favourite Canadian bands never get...

Rick: ...Never get...

Mark: ...Never got the JUNO nominations, so why us? Y'know? Where were they when all the great Canadian punk bands were coming out in the late 70s and stuff? But, I guess if anything else, y'know, it's just things have been happening a lot now for underground music just starting in the 90s, so maybe it's just uh... maybe that's why. Everything starting to open up. We even got to play a club that we never thought we'd get to play in our hometown last night.

How did you get the gig at Ziggy's in the first place?

When the owner for Ziggy's phoned us, I said "well, why us?" We've always had the local underground scene going now for way over 10 years and you guys never approached us before? He was in San Francisco in the Haight-Ashbury District, and he saw an Eric's Trip poster on the wall, and he says, "Woah!? This is the band from my city." So he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Did you ever think you'd see somebody from Sub Pop sniffin' around Moncton, for Gods' sakes?

Mark: No, that's why it was so mind-blowing: '92 started to be a really wild year and '93 kind of just accelerated, and we're still kinda rockin', so it's neat eh? It's like being a part of something.

What's up with you in the foreseeable future?

Rick: Um, we have to start working on a new single soon. Like, this week or something.

Mark: A record. A little 7-inch record!

Rick: Yep. We're gonna try to put out another single.

Mark: A smaller concept.

-cuts into live footage from 02/20/1995 of "Happens All The Time" -

Mark: But I wanna say we're a punk band, though!

Rick: Okay, if you want. I just wanna say I saw a Green Day interview, where they used the word a little too much.

Mark: Well that's kiddy punk, though. We're dreamy punk.

© Mike Campbell, 1995