Eric's Trip Interview Archive Feb 3, 1995 - Toronto, ON, Canada

Mike Cooper
Mark Gaudet
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The Hard Report #409 Music Now Yes

Members of the Canadian band Eric's Trip have been playing dates as Purple Knight the basement rock group that drummer Mark Gaudet and Repaid Legere formed in 1974.

"We like to have something on the side to get out other possibilities that we can't vent through Eric's Trip," Gaudet says. 'Deep Purple was the main inspiration for Purple Knight, back when I was about eight years old. Where I'm an old hack, I get to play the older music that the rest of Eric's Trip is not used to playing.... That era, with the heavier, bombastic stuff, is what I get out with Purple Knight."

Meanwhile, Eric's Trip guitarist Rick White is releasing a record by his solo project, Elevator To Hell in March (on Sub Pop Records) and bass player Julie Doiron has her own project Broken Girl, releasing an album later this year on a Halifax label (Murderecords).

"For Rick, he has quite a deep-seated soul that can't be fully conveyed through other people, so he has to do his own stuff. And Julie has her own personal things that she wants to exercise," Gaudet says.

Guitarist Chris Thompson is releasing a single (on Sub Pop) later this year, but none of the individual efforts jeopardize the Eric's Trip's plans to release a seven-inch EP this summer and a full album later this year.

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