Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE December, xx, 1994 Unknown

Matt Ashare
Rick White
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The Boston Phoenix Vol. 23, Iss. 48 Snap and crackle Pop: Lo-fi rebels bring good music to life Yes

Rick White is from Eric's Trip, a band who have released two albums of stark, noise-infused four-track recordings on Sub Pop: 1993's Love Tara and this year's Forever Again. White praises the comfort and experimental possibilities of lo-fi.

"When you're just starting out, it's intimidating to go into a real studio. You don't feel very comfortable and I think a lot of bands don't get the chance to fool around and experiment as much as they should because of that. We record upstairs in our apartment. Before that we'd do it in a back room at our old apartment, and before that we did everything in the basement of my parents' house."

"Because we have our own equipment, we have the time to screw around and experiment. We can do tracks in the middle of the night; we don't have to explain to a producer or engineer what we want it to sound like. The truth is, we never tried to sound lo-fi; we'd just rather do it ourselves than have somebody else work with us."

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