Eric's Trip Interview Archive December 11, 1994 - Much Music Headquarters, Toronto, ON

Sook-Yin Lee
Chris Thompson
Rick White
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Much Music Yes

Sook-Yin Lee: Oh, by the way, this is Rick, and this is Chris.

Rick: Hello.

Sook-Yin Lee: And, Julie your bass player is having a baby this week?

Rick: I hope, yeah, maybe probably like the end of this week, or early next week. She's due on the 16th or so.

Sook-Yin Lee: Is she able to tour after that or is she gonna - she'll have the kid with her on the road?

Rick: Her husband now, is been to taking care of it. So she's been excited actually, just to get it out, and to start practicing again, y'know. We can't really practice or tour too much, 'cause it's just too big now. We played a couple of shows - in about - when was that? In October?

Chris: Yeah, the Pop Explosion.

Rick: We played two shows, a two-show tour, for our new album; Moncton, and Halifax.

Sook-Yin Lee: Well, that's okay. You're on TV now. That's the tour, there you go.

Rick: Yeah, exactly.

Sook-Yin Lee: So, are you pursuing solo projects?

Rick: Yeah, pretty well. Me and Mark are in another band right now, just doing stuff in the meantime. Chris, doing his...

Chris: ...Recording.

Rick: He has 7-inches out. We're all keeping busy.

Sook-Yin Lee: Uh huh. Great.

Rick: Making use of our time.

Sook-Yin Lee: So, you have the new CD, Forever Again, you've got the CFNY Acoustic Christmas thing you're playing. Any more gigs coming up?

Chris: Nope.

Rick: No, I don't think so. Going back home, listen to records, celebrate Christmas.

Sook-Yin Lee: And, your video View Master, slightly more fast-paced than your other ones?

Rick: Yeah, there's only 7 edits in this one.

Sook-Yin Lee:Does it take place in Moncton?

Rick: Yep, in Moncton, and around Moncton and different places.

Chris: Various areas.

Sook-Yin Lee: And you directed it?

Rick: Yeah pretty well, we just wrote it all out and got someone to help us actually do it , somebody who knew about filmmaking and stuff. 'Cause we had it all drawn...

Sook-Yin Lee: Laura Borealis..

Rick: Yeah.

Sook-Yin Lee: I like the opening shot. The ocean. This is Eric's Trip, Forever Again.

© Sook-Yin Lee, 1994