ERIC'S TRIP INTERVIEW ARCHIVE June 13, 1994 - Unknown, Regina, Saskatchewan

Gerry Krochak
Julie Doiron
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The Leader-Post Band hasn't seen Maritime 'scene' Yes

Last year, bands like Sloan, Jale, Hardship Post, and Eric's Trip led to a lot of fuss being made about the Maritimes being the next musical Seattle.

The whole thing was overblown media nonsense, according to Julie Doiron, bassist and singer of Moncton band Eric's Trip. "Everyone who was from the Maritimes knew what was going on there all along," she says.

"Every area has bands, so it was kind of silly to say it was going to be the next big thing.

"When the media got involved, they blew it up way out of proportion."

But while the musicians of Eric's Trip — Doiron, drummer Mark Gaudet, guitarist Chris Thompson and singer-guitarist Rick White — don't want to be seen as ambassadors for what has been perceived as this huge scene, the band has been extremely busy.

The band is currently touring for both their Love Tara CD and a new EP entitled The Gordon Street Haunting.

Besides that, the band will have yet another full-length album out this September.

This is the band's second trip through Canada — and will feature a show in Regina next Sunday night — after a short break following dates in the eastern U.S.

"By the time we get to Regina, we'll be halfway through our tour," Doiron says.

"Hopefully by then, we'll know what we're doing," she laughs.

Fans who have been paying attention to the band's busy career will know what they're hearing, Doiron adds.

"We'll be playing a lot of stuff from Love Tara, as well as something from the new EP, and probably a few songs that will be on the new album."

Whatever the band plays, Doiron would appreciate not being compared to other bands simply because she plays bass, sings — and is female.

"People always used to comment on me being a girl," she says. "But being a female in a band can't be called very uncommon anymore. "I just want to play!"

Nonetheless, in the past, Eric's Trip has been likened to other groups with similar lineups, like the defunct Pixies and, especially, Sonic Youth ("Eric's Trip" is the name of a Sonic Youth song).

"When people didn't know who we were, they used to compare us to other bands a lot," Doiron acknowledges. "I suppose the whole (playing) bass thing didn't help. "But that doesn't really happen anymore."

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