Eric's Trip Interview Archive March, 1994 - Austin, TX, USA

John D. Lowe
Chris Thompson
Julie Doiron
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Eric's Trip is the epitome of all that is right in underground music. Named for a Sonic Youth song, the band is slowly making a name for itself and its music, which bassist-singer Julie Doiron calls "noisy love garbage."

I think we sort of have a little bit of our own sound," says the unusually loquacious, sweet-voiced Doiron.

She cites influence from the distorted feedback stylings of Neil Young, My Bloody Valentine, and Dinosaur Jr. But the band also has a mellower side, which Doiron takes credit for, admitting "my songs are usually pretty sappy. Mine are never really rockers."

Songwriting doesn't seem to be a problem, as the band members are all prolific at that craft. Since forming four years ago, Eric's Trip has recorded self-released cassettes, two E.P.'s, their Sub Pop L.P., Love Tara, and numerous singles. The band members have also recorded and self-released an extensive catalog of solo works and side projects.

This is just one aspect of the band's devotion to the do-it-yourself ethic. Eric's Trip refused to sign with Sub Pop until they were assured creative control. Says Doiron of the label, "They let us do whatever we want." This included recording the album in their basement studio with a new eight-track mixer.

All of the artwork on an Eric's Trip release is by the band. Doiron, singer-guitarist Rick White and guitarist Chris Thompson are photographers and artists. An interesting example of their work is the photo cover of Love Tara. As Doiron tells it, she and Rick had gotten into a fight in Vancouver, and after talking, "we put on the self-timer and took the picture" of them hugging, which she calls "corny".

Perhaps one reason for the band's independence is the small-town origin. Doiron emphasizes how tthe band benefitted by being from Moncton, where she still lives with her parents. "There were no other bands doing what we were doing," notes Doiron. "There was no competition... lots of cooperation." This attitude has led to the band recording and releasing material from other Moncton-area bands.

Eric's Trip will venture far from home to make a rare U.S. appearance at the SXSW festival, appearing with other international bands, on Saturday March 18 at Scholz Garden. Doiron says she is very excited to check out other bands, enjoy the weather, and certainly make new fans and friends.

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