Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE January, 1994 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Blair Purda
Julie Doiron
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The Manitoban Watch Out For Eric's Trip Yes

Talking to Julie Doiron left me with the impression she was slightly daunted by the success of Eric's Trip. When I mentioned that someone had picked up a ticket numbered 250 her response was, "No...really?...uh-oh." I didn't tell her that UMSU was expecting to sell 750 tickets for their Saturday, January 29th appearance here at the U of M.

Springing from Moncton, New Brunswick, Eric's Trip consists of Doiron who sings and plays bass, drummer Mark Gaudet, guitarist Chris Thompson, and Rick White who plays guitar and also sings.

In the relatively short period of time they've been together, Eric's Trip has amassed several releases. These include an independent 7-inch, several independent cassettes, appearances on various compilations, Peter, a CD released on Sloan's Murderrecords, and the EP Songs About Chris for the Sub Pop label.

Since their new release is entitled Love Tara, I asked Doiron about the band's habit of inserting names into their album titles. It turns out that the EP Songs For Chris is ironically material relating to the band's guitar player, Chris Thompson. Peter and Tara happen to be friends of the band who had come to be associated with the albums and thus were represented in the titles.

Love Tara is their first full-length for Sub Pop and it's curiously devoid of the band's usual artwork. This artwork graced the band's two previous releases predominantly displaying drawings of "Eric" herself. Doiron says this "definitely wasn't on purpose, she'll be on the other releases. It was just too much. We were using her, taking advantage of her."

Little cartoon drawings or not, Love Tara has still managed to debut at number one on the Canadian Campus Radio Top 50. "It's a surprise to be there [at number one]," explains Doiron. "We've been in the National Chart before -- at number three once -- but to start off at number one is kind of scary."

The album is also currently at number 18 on the American college chart.

"I found that really surprising because that was for all of the U.S. and we're really not known there... we've only played about eight shows [in the U.S.]."

The band is known for their murky sounding recordings and their melodic sense. This permeates all their material encompassing everything from mellow distortion-free songs to noisy pop. Most songwriting is done individually with each member contributing.

According to Doiron, White and Thompson are the most prolific writers in the band.

Their recording often occurs in White's basement. He has also recently recorded with some other Maritime bands. "Rick really enjoys recording with bands he likes. He likes working with other people as it helps him learn," said Doiron. Although White did do some recording with Halifax band Jale, Doiron was unsure if their new single (on L.A's Genius Records) has his fingerprints on it.

The band also keeps busy with several side projects. Doiron runs a small record label called Sappy Records. The first release was a 7-inch with solo material from each Eric's Trip member. Sappy has also released a 7-inch from Doiron, and guitarist Thompson has recorded a cassette under the name of Moon Socket. White is planning to have a 7-inch and comic book out this spring. There are also mutterings of Sappy working with Ottawa band Snailhouse and even Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.)

Eric's Trip will be touring sporadically until summer whereupon they'll commence a Canadian tour. This month singles should be available on Halifax's Cinnamon Toast label (a split single with Sloan) and Montreal's Derivative label. There should also be a Sub Pop single and a Canada-only EP this spring.

The band will start recording in February with some of the material being used for a new CD scheduled for release in October (their most recent album was just released this November). They plan to tour the States in the fall, possibly supporting Sebadoh.

If you missed the sold out Eric's Trip/Pond tour this summer at the Alternative Cabaret, you should definitely try and avoid missing this appearance. (I've been told Details magazine placed them in the top five bands to watch out for, so here's your chance.)

Tickets are available at Answers, the Hip Joint and Musiplex. If you feel like collecting a few 7-inches you might want to bring some extra coin. Doiron said that she would bring some of the Sappy releases and some are very near to being sold out.

© Blair Purda, 1994