Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE November, 1993 - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Joel Gibb
Chris Thompson
Mark Gaudet
Rick White
Julie Doiron
Publisher Title Transcript
The Bitch Issue #4, Vol 1 Eric's Trip Yes

Driving along in a van to stop and play a Sunday afternoon gig, the concept strikes me, and I pounce. They look in the window, bewildered, they turn and agree. Sitting on cement with all its history and dirt. looking through photos not knowing what time it is. THIS WAS THE LAST PLACE I REMEMBER BEING WITH MY RETAINER. Eric's Trip hanged and jumped, marched to an anthem that youth survived. 6:00, it's over? Whistling feedback, damaged equipment - VERY THICK DISTORTION - left with a lustful desire for ear plugs as Eric's Trip supported their new LP, Love Tara, when they played the Moon Room in Oshawa. They didn't smell, they didn't hit anyone, they got along with club owners and most importantly, they weren't eating any cheese.

BITCH: Where's the mystery?

MARK: IT's in Minto, 35 miles outside of Moncton.

BITCH: If you were to play any song to the Pope, what would it be?

MARK: The Bob Marley song that Sinead O'Connor did on Saturday Night Live.

JULIE: That would be mean.

MARK: He's corrupt and a Manson.

BITCH: How do you feel about bass oppressed music?

JULIE: We're not oppressed, they always make me play loud. I Never really think about it, if I play too low they just turn it up.

BITCH: Do you ever get into volume fights?

JULIE: No, if you can har yourself then that's fine.

BITCH: How did you sell out?

RICK: By selling T-shirts for too much.

BITCH: What's societies biggest problem?

MARK: We're all cattle following a false lead.

RICK: Too much alcohol.

BITCH: How do you like being labeled Ethereal Punk?

JULIE: I think I like it.

BITCH: What do you think of labels?

CHRIS: Labels are okay.

BITCH: What if, for some odd reason, you end up playing Maple Leaf Gardens. Would you play with light bulbs or compromise yourself?

JULIE: We'd probably play with a few more, but we wouldn't play Maple Leaf Gardens.

BITCH:What do you think of the tampon/pad issue?

JULIE: I use tampons.

BITCH: What is your stance on the Riot Grrrl phenomenon?

JULIE: I Don't know, I really don't think about it. Girls should do what they want.

RICK: Riot Grrrls are just as stupid as macho guys.

BITCH: Are you slackers?

RICK: No, we're just lazy, but we get around to doing things we want to do.

BITCH: What do the British press think of you?

MARK: When we were in England we didn't really get to talk to them at all.

BITCH: A cop mistakes you for an insane person, and frisks you, but frisks you too intently. What do you do?

JULIE: I'd probably cry.

RICK: I'd become insane.

BITCH: Have you ever book a bass string on stage?

JULIE: I've never broken a bass string. I used to play guitar and I broke three in one show in Halifax.

BITCH: Why do you play bass? Were you forced to?

JULIE: I wasn't forced to but Chris threatened to quit if he had to play bass.

BITCH: What would you play if you had your own band?

JULIE: Eric's Trip is my band, so I play bass. I love playing guitar and drums too but the bass is so powerful.

BITCH: What if you're at a gig and a drunk guy spills beer on you, what do you do?

JULIE: I'd say "Hey, you spilt beer on my dress", you can't really deal with drunks.

BITCH: What do you think of drinking-age-only gigs? Do you play a lot of them?

JULIE: We've played some. I've snuck a lot of kids in Halifax clubs. We would just open the door and the kids would stick their heads in.

BITCH: Where did Paula go?

ERIC'S TRIP: To Paula's house.

© Joel Gibb, 1993