Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE September, 1993 - Moncton, NB, Canada

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Julie Doiron
Mark Gaudet
Chris Thompson
Rick White
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Rick: We're a punk band, from the Maritimes.

Do you feel a bit suburban coming from Moncton?

Rick: Yeah, well.. it's small. It's a lot smaller here and there's nowhere to really go, besides like malls and record stores.

Mark: It's nice to have this much.. - as little outside influence as possible, and stuff like that...

Julie: Yeah!

Mark: ...And I don't know. Just having a nice laid-back, country-like atmosphere to the Maritimes. I don't know, it kept us more...

Rick: There were no bands to compete with us, so we would just sit around and listen to records and stuff.

Julie: And doing what we wanted to do, without having to worry about other bands around doing the same thing or anything. 'Cause there's lots of bands, but they're all really diverse.

Mark: By going in other studios and working with different people, sometimes you don't lose some of that identity, but, by keep doing our recording in our basement and stuff like that at home in Moncton, has kept it that it is truly our own little sound, and that's why we're so glad that Sub Pop are allowing us to work out of our own city of Moncton, and stuff, rather than going to bigger studios, in bigger cities and stuff like that.

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