Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE August, 1993 - Halifax, NS, Canada

Sandy MacDonald
Rick White
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Halifax Daily News Eric's Trip Hones A Twisted Edge Yes

Hot on the heels of Sloan's major-league success, Eric's Trip is the next East Coast band likely to hit it big.

The punky Moncton-based band lifted its name from an early Sonic Youth tune.Two years later, the choice seems prophetic. An opening slot last November at a Sonic Youth concert in Toronto convinced influential Sub Pop records to sign the band.

"We try to keep our music poppy, (even) as noisy as it gets," says Rick White, who handles guitars and lead vocals. Chris Thompson also plays guitar, Julie Doiron thumps bass and sings and Mark Guadet holds it together behind the drumset.

"We keep a catchy melody . . . but with a twisted edge," says White, who adds the band's influences include Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine.

The band's debut six-song EP, Peter, was released on Sloan's Murder records in March, with Canadian distribution through Cargo Records and MCA. A full-length album is expected in November on the Sub Pop label.

"We didn't want to sign to any major label," explains White, "because we didn't feel ready and our music wasn't very accessible. So we're really in the perfect place for us . . . we'd rather be trying to stay underground heroes like Dinosaur Jr. than giant heroes like Nirvana." Where to find Eric's Trip: Peter (Cargo/CA) can be bought or ordered at stores with good alternative sections.

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