Eric's trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE Unknown, 1993 - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Jason "Flint" Hyslop
Rick White
Julie Doiron
Publisher Title Transcript
VAJ Magazine Issue #2 The Local Scene Gets Better By The Day Yes

In this issue of VAJ Magazine we are happy to bring you an interview with Rick White and Julie Doiron from "Eric's Trip".

Flint: Are there any opening comments for our readers?

Julie: Don't be discouraged...Have patience.

Flint: What is your opinion of the local underground scene?

Rick: It's getting slow, there's not enough appreciation for local musicians.

Flint: How long has the band been together?

Rick: Since about June of 1990. We've changed drummers though. Ed Vaughan was the first then came Mark last December along with the 7".

Flint: What releases have you done to date?

Rick: Well. There's "Eric's Trip", "Catapillars","Drowning","Warm Girl", then the 7".

Flint: What songs do you think were the "ice breakers"?

Rick: "Close Your eyes","Red Haired Girl", and "Open Your Heart". Supposedly someone sent a copy of that to Madonna, and there was a rely saying that she liked it. We haven't been sued yet so I think we're in the clear.

Julie: What're they gonna sue us for?

Flint: What kind of band do you consider yourself?

Rick: Simple pop, really crunchy, really loud, sappy love garbage.

Flint: What are your influences?

Rick: My Bloody Valentine is good.

Julie: Yeah, we used to be pretty hardcore, well...some of us.

Rick: Yeah we are all kind of various in our interests.

Flint: O.K...What's your favourite song of the day?

Julie: It's by R.E.M. Its called Superman song. Real old.

Flint: Do you have a FAVOURITE local band?

Rick: Yeah. Badluck and SkinKeeper both are good.

Julie: Badluck...I like.

Flint: What are your future plans?

Julie: We may be putting a CD out under an independent label. We may be touring to Toronto soon.

Rick: The CD may be out between September and November.

Flint: Who is your producer or sponsor?

Rick: It used to be Naked in the Marsh. They kind of helped us out.

Julie: We went to "Murder" records.

Flint: Who writes the lyrics to your songs?

Rick: I do most but Julie and Chris do a little on the side.

Flint: What is the most obscene thing you have ever done to your instruments?

Rick: I don't spontaneous on stage, humping guitars or something like that.

Flint: Any closing comments before calling it quits?

Julie: Keep the patience.

Flint: Yeah except for today. You got to go to work in ten minutes!!!

In my opinion "Eric's Trip" is one of the best of the best that Moncton has to offer. That would explain why they may have signed with WEA (note: Sub Pop) records. They will be doing a debut in the States to see how the Yankees like 'em. I wish them the best of luck and all the credit they have clearly shown that they deserve. Check them out. You can buy their releases at Room 201 in Moncton on St. George St. Trust us. These guys are definitely for real!! And if you see them around, show some gratitude, but don't pick their noses.

© Jason Hyslop, 1993