Eric's trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE August 04, 1993 - MuchMusic Headquarters, Torotno, ON

Natalie Richard
Mark Gaudet
Julie Doiron
Chris Thompson
Rick White
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Natalie: All right! Good stuff! Great stuff you guys! So what's up next for Eric's Trip? Besides going back home, and besides the release of the album November 9th?

Julie: Um, we're going to the U.K.

Rick: We're playing with Red Kross.

Julie: ..In September..

Natalie: Oh, alright.

Rick: Ten shows.

Natalie: Oh, okay, for an entire month?

Rick: Um, ten shows. It's kinda exciting because we like them.

Julie: Yeah.

Natalie: Good fun, well I wish you all the best. Thanks for dropping by.

Everyone: Thanks.

Natalie: ...And have a safe trip back home. Hi... The drummer's always in the back. You didn't say much. Say "Hi.".

Mark: Hi!

Natalie: All right!

Mark: Ritchie Allen!

Natalie: He speaks!

Natalie: Okay, you chose a video. You guys don't have a video yet, you will have one though?

Julie: Yeah, for the album, in the Fall.

Natalie: Yeah, okay, so we'll wait for that, and in the meantime you chose Red Kross - "1976", because you're going on tour with them. And all the best, I'm sure we'll see you in the Fall again, at the release of the album.

Rick: Yeah.

Chris: Thanks.

Natalie: Thanks for dropping by.

© Natalie Richard, 1993