Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE March 20, 1993 - Rotate This!, Records, Toronto, ON

Bruce Pavitt
Jonathon Poneman
Joyce Linehan
Julie Doiron
Rick White
Publisher Title Transcript
Long Day's Ride 'Til Tomorrow CD Yes

Julie: Yeah, they said you guys have to talk into this, and I still can't find the microphone, but I've been looking the whole way here.

Joyce: Hmm. I don't know.

Bruce or Jon: How are you?

Julie: Good. Hi. I have the flu though, so don't come to close. But it's almost gone. So, we just showed up and we're talking to Joyce, and Bruce, and Jonathon. And I don't know where Chris and Mark are.

Rick: They're right there.

Julie: Oh, they're right over there! Okay. We're starved. And I'm all shaky because I'm weak and stuff.

Joyce: How was the show last night?

Julie: It was our best show yet. I gotta turn this off...

Rick: We opened for The Tea Party.

Joyce: The Tea Party!?

Rick: They wouldn't let us move their drums. So, we had to... everything on the stage, and it was a teeny, little stage...

Julie: Maybe just set up in front of them?

Rick: They're stupid.

Julie: Yeah, they wouldn't take their drums off the stage, cause they didn't want it - oh, whatever.

Bruce or Jon: Oh, man.

Julie: But it was a really fun show! We were really tight.

Rick: Furnace Face said something about it, and then they said, "Furnace Face is pulling outta here."

Julie: Yeah! They said that to us. Uh Oh.

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