Eric's trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE March? 1993 - unknown

Ted McInnes
Julie Doiron
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The McGill Daily Culture Vol.82, No. 85 Music on a Hook Yes

Cod Pop, Pungent and wholesome music is coming out of the Maritimes, generating publicity like never before.

Eric's Trip, a foursome from Moncton, are riding out this wave. No doubt they're benefiting from all the attention Sloan has attracted. 'Cod Pop', as a name, is catchy, regionally accurate and smells of music on a hook, but it probably belongs more to the industry than these newly discovered music fishermen. Tuesay saw the release of their EP, on Sloan's Murder Records label. Before that they were pushing a 7-inch on the NIM label and another 7-inch entitled Never Mind The Mollusks, a collaborative effort. What might sound more 'gr----', (I refuse to say it) is an upcoming recording for Sub Pop, due out some time in late April.

Rick White, the unofficial leader, writess all of his songs acoustically. He and Julie Doiron go back before the rise of the band and share the vocal work, bringing it off with familiarity and ease. Their melded voices contrast for a clean and luring teture. On its own, White's voice is hidden, uncracked and innocent. Its simplicity is poised against driving natural rhythms that just happily happen when kids play with plugs. Although they tend to get a tad feedback-happy, Eric's Trip is making some very nice organic noise. It's straight, cut to the chase, electric emotion. They're reeal and they're not reaching for the jar full of rock'n'roll cookies. They actually brush their teeth (They told me, in person.)

Daily: How do you feel about the hype?

Eric's Trip: It's good and scary. The recognition is nice but the hype... I don't know about the hype. There has always been stuff going.

D: How has your sound developed?

ET: Rick and I have been singing together for a long time. We started out doing folk stuff, or the Celtic thing. All the songs are still written on acoustic but now we just incorporate distortion peddles. We're loud and melodic. We edo different types of songs, Rick's always changing them.

D: Is there going to be a Sub Pop festival in Halifax this summer?

ET: No one is quite sure yet. They were trying to book a ferry but if it happens at all it's going to be on land but nothing is for sure.

D: Why was the set so short?

ET: We don't like playing longer than forty minutes, you know like don't wear out your welcome. We're used to short sets, short songs. As a band, we hate it when we have to wait for a band to finish."

© Ted McInnes, 1993