Eric's Trip INTERVIEW ARCHIVE October 15, 1992 -Toronto, ON

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Julie Doiron
Rick White
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Rick: I don't know where I ever started drawing these angel girls but they've seem to taken over our whole life.

Julie: They started out with gig posters, really.

Rick: Yeah.

Julie: And then...

Rick: Just gig posters around Moncton, for all the different gigs. I used to do them, a lot of them. And then we just used them on our t-shirts and stuff. We don't wanna overdo it though, we're starting to get away from it a bit, but she'll always be there.

Julie: Yeah.

Rick: Eric's a character that's on our t-shirts there. It's kinda this angel-like, sexless, kind of person.

Julie: Kinda, almost a guardian angel, kind of...

Rick: ... And it's basically just has to do with all the songs. We kinda - when we got the name - it just made so many images of that in our head that we built this whole big story around the name - so it doesn't have that much to do Sonic Youth anymore, but I don't know. If it helped us get the show...

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