Eric's Trip Gigography October 15, 1995 - Birdland Cabaret, Halifax, NS (Halifax Pop Explosion)

    • Rick White (vocals, guitar)
    • Tara Landry (vocals, bass)
    • Mark Gaudet (drums)
    • Chris Thompson (drums)
    • Ron Bates (keyboards, bass)
  • Nick Other (Sound Engineer)
  • Decent Management
    • Greg Clark
Load In
6:00 PM
Elevator To Hell Showtime
6:30–7:00 PM
Monoxides Showtime
7:15–7:45 PM
Thrush Hermit Showtime
8:00–8:30 PM
Dambuilders Showtime
8:45–9:30 PM
  1. No Info
  1. The Who
  2. Clearly See Me
  3. Why I Didn't Like August '93

No Info

AUD#1 A recording of the show is known to exist, wherein the band performed 10 songs (as featured on the tape, they could've performed more), but it is not circulating .

AMT VID#1 A video recording of at least a few songs, are known to exist, as per a review posted by Tara Wittchen on SloanNet messageboard.

  • Set times come from an unscanned photograph of the show poster - also unscanned, per a fan.
  • Each band performed a 30 minute set, with 15-minute interval set changes per each band.
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