Eric's Trip Gigography February 25, 1995 - Birdland Cabaret, Halifax, NS

    • Rick White (vocals, guitar)
    • Chris Thompson (guitar)
    • Mark Gaudet (drums)
    • Julie Doiron (vocals, bass)
  • Nick Other (Sound Engineer)
  • No Info
    • Greg Clark
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Thee Suddens Showtime
Eric's Trip Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. My Bed Is Red
  2. Your Always Right
  3. View Master
  4. Always There
  5. I'm So Near Here
  6. Anytime You Want
  7. Lightly Feeling
  8. Frame
  9. Girlfriend
  10. December '93
  11. Mirror
  12. Feeling Around
  13. Stove
  14. New Love
  15. My Room
  16. Happens All The Time
  17. Warm Girl
  18. Sunlight
  19. Encore:
  20. Lost
  21. Waiting All Day
  22. Smother
  23. Blinded

No Info

AUD#1 - A Recording of this show, as mentioned by an attendee of the show in a comment on social media (Facebook), is known to exist, but isn't circulating.

  • The Setlist above comes from the handwritten setlist, acquired by an attendee at the show, which was posted to social media (FB). The attendee also recalled the encore for the evening.
  • The band's show was reviewed by James Covey in Dalhousie Gazette, as well as a post on (sloannet@sloanmusic-com/msg00769.html)
  • The band had lots technical difficulties during the beginning of the show, according to an attendee.
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