Eric's Trip Gigography January 15, 1994 - The Double Deuce, Halifax, NS

    • Chris Thompson (guitar, vocals)
    • Ed Vaughan (bass)
    • Rick White (drums)
  • No Info
    • Greg Clark
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  1. No Info
  1. Come Back To Me
  2. Swing
  3. Warren's Guitar
  4. Gay SoulElevator To Hell cover
  5. (Smoke It) Down My Throat Elevator To Hell cover
  6. Expressions Of Loneliness
  7. Another Girl
  8. Barbed WireSentridoh cover
  9. Faster, PussycatThe Cramps cover
  10. Pretty VoiceSloan cover

No Info

A copy of this show is known to exist, but isn't circulating.

  • The above setlist comes from a known trader's early list of Eric's Trip (and related Maritime bands) live recordings. The tape is currently not circulating
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