Eric's Trip Gigography September 12, 1993 - The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    • Rick White (vocals, guitar)
    • Chris Thompson (guitar)
    • Mark Gaudet (drums)
    • Julie Doiron (vocals, bass)
  • Nick Other (Sound Engineer)
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    • Name Here If Known
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  1. Blue
  2. Tomorrow Never KnowsBeatles cover with Red Kross

A live recording of the song "Blue" was released as part of Long Days Ride 'Til Tomorrow compilation CD in October, 1997. It's possible a full recording of the show exists.

AUD#1 - A tape was known to exist at one point, but was stated to be thrown out.

  • Per discussion with someone who interiewed Julie in 1994, he had a live tape of Eric's Trip performing a Beatles cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" with Red Kross, on this date. Listing here, in case a tape surfaces.
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