Eric's Trip Gigography September 30, 1991 - Le Kacho, Moncton, NB

    • Rick White (vocals, guitar)
    • Chris Thompson (guitar)
    • Ed Vaughan (drums)
    • Julie Doiron (vocals, bass)
  • no info
  • Naked In The Marsh Records / CKUM-FM
    • Name Here If Known
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6:30 PM
Purple Knight Showtime
7:00 PM
Eric's Trip Showtime
Bad Luck #13 Showtime
Idee Du Nord Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. Beauty Was All Froze
  2. Lost Inside
  3. Beatings
  4. Fall
  5. Close Your Eyes

VHS Footage of this show, featuring the song "Lost Inside" (from the soundbaord mix), was featured in Eric's Trip: 1990-1996, on Vimeo.

A Soundboard recording is known to exist, but isn't circulating, beyond "Lost Inside", as stated above. It is unknown if the full show was recorded.

  • This was Ed Vaughan's last show, prior to the band becoming a three-piece for a short while, until Mark Gaudet joined in December, 1991.
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Chris & Ed