Eric's Trip Gigography November 29, 1998 - Au Deuxieme Cabaret, Moncton, New Brunswick

    • Rick White (guitar, and/or bass)
    • Chris Thompson (drums)
    • Julie Doiron (vocals, bass)
  • No Info (Sound Engineer)
  • No Info
    • Name Here If Known
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Moonsocket Showtime
Eric's Trip Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. Poison Glass
  2. In This Dark
  3. Seven
  4. Gone Gone
  5. The Longest Winter
  6. So Fast
  7. Explain
  8. Au Contraire
  9. [unknown song title]
  10. Lightly Feeling Eric's Trip cover
  11. Le Soleil
  12. The Best Thing For Me
  13. The Last Time
  14. Sixteen HoursEric's Trip cover Rick on vocals
  15. Sorry Part II
  16. GirlfriendEric's Trip cover Rick on vocals

No Info

AUD#1A Recording of the show, on CD-R, exists, but isn't circulating. - Audience Recording Lineage: Master Cassette (mono, no Dolby, Fuji DR-90) -> .wav (16 / 44.1 in Cool Edit Pro, no processing except splitting into tracks) -> CD-R.

AMT#1 A VHS recording of the show exists, but isn't circulating. - VHS Lineage: VHS Master (Rick) > (Tapers Copy). Filmed using Rick's camera.

  • This show was one of two shows in which Julie was backed by her former Eric's Trip bandmates, as a parital reunion.
  • Mark Gaudet didn't perform.
  • The above setlist comes from a tape made at the show. Not circulating.
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