Eric's Trip Gigography November 28, 1998 - The Marquee, Halifax, NS

    • Rick White (guitar and/or bass)
    • Chris Thompson (drums)
    • Julie Doiron (vocals, bass)
  • No Info (Sound Engineer)
  • No Info
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Moonsocket Showtime
Eric's Trip Showtime
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  1. The Longest Winter
  2. Lightly Feeling

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SBD#1 - A soundboard tape exists of this show, as .mp3 files of the songs "Lightly Feeling", and another "The Longest Winter" were hosted on a now defunct fans (S.P.) webpage.

  • This was the first of two partial reunions in which Rick White & Chris Thompson backed Julie Doiron, their first live performances together since June, 1996
  • Mark Gaudet did not perform at this show.
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